Carma announces 100% sustainably sourced ingredients

Carma uses 100% sustainable sugar beet in their ingredients list
Carma, a Swiss gourmet chocolate brand under the Barry Callebaut umbrella, has announced it is the first Barry Callebaut brand to use 100% sustainably sourced ingredients for their couvertures.
There are many chocolate producers who source sustainable cocoa. Carma says they go beyond just cocoa to sourcing the most sustainable ingredients at every step of the process. They also balance sustainability with reliability and consistency in taste profile and colour, which is a critical part of their uniquely Swiss chocolate crafting process. Their mission was to create 100% sustainable chocolate and they’re proud to say: they made it.

At Carma, they source UTZ certified cocoa for all cocoa blends. UTZ stands for sustainable farming and better opportunities for farmers, their families and our planet. The decision to source UTZ certified cocoa means that they are making a difference for cocoa farmers.

They invest to enable the future generation of cocoa farmers through high quality education. A quality education that creates viable opportunities for the youth to choose and thrive in cocoa. They partnered with their customer Confiserie Bachmann in setting up of the Rural Institute of Agriculture (IFER) in Affery, Ivory Coast. The IFER is an opportunity for the youth aged between 16 and 25 to gain an accredited qualification in entrepreneurial agriculture.

Carma, Cocoa pod

Unique cocoa blends

Carma says they have mastered the chocolate production process in their factory in Dübendorf. They create their unique cocoa blends, roast the cocoa nibs at just the right temperature as well as adapt the conching time to every couverture type. But to produce a perfect chocolate it is even more important to source cocoa that is grown and produced responsibly and sustainably, as well as to invest in the future of cocoa farming, and the livelihoods of all involved.

By choosing Carma, customers make a difference by improving the lives of farmers and their families in countries of cocoa origin, who are able to adopt sustainable farming practices. This is something you can and should showcase on your final product, so consumers understand and appreciate your dedication to sustainability, says Carma.

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