Cargill presents innovative products at Food Ingredients China 2021

Food ingredients supplier, Cargill is in the spotlight at the Food Ingredients China 2021 (FIC 2021) with its innovative ingredient products and holistic food solutions. With the theme of “Food Innovation for a Healthier Future”, Cargill, which has been enjoying shared growth with customers and consumers in China for 50 years, is presenting its latest insights into the Chinese food market and innovative product solutions at FIC 2021 to help customers gain an edge in an evolving food market and enhance its position as a trusted partner that nourishes the world in a safe, sustainable and responsible way.

Shifts in consumer attitudes and behaviours are driving a profound realignment in the food and beverage (F&B) industry. As a long-standing thought leader in the food ingredients market, Cargill tracks market dynamics closely and is sharing its proprietary perspective on global food & beverage trends in the form of the 2021 TrendTracker report at FIC 2021. The report has identified four prevailing Macro Trends:

  1. Healthy for Me: Today’s consumers are taking a more holistic and proactive approach to health.
  2. Conscious Consumption: Consumers want to buy products that align with their personal values.
  3. Experience It: Consumers desire for more entertaining & exciting experiences in food consumption.
  4. Simplify My Life: Consumers seek products and services that can help make lives easier, faster, and more convenient while ensuring well-being.

Corresponding with these Macro Trends, Cargill’s TrendTracker also pinpoints 10 food & beverage trends that are relevant for businesses. Due in large part to the impact of COVID-19, increased health and safety concerns have given rise to a more holistic approach to nutrition and wellness, including increased consumption of functional, immunity and mental wellness. Both premium and affordable products are expected to see greater opportunities in the marketplace as a result of value polarisation. In addition, refreshing experiences and enhanced convenience are also key to winning over consumers grappling with the impact of the pandemic.

In a seamless response to these identified trends, Cargill is showcasing 18 prototypes and 25 ingredients in this year’s FIC. Featured products include:

  • Functional yoghurt, which is low sugar and features ingredients like pea protein, Cargill’s Epicor postbiotic, probiotics and superfruits for good health and great-tasting goodness.
  • Zero-sugar, zero-caloric and zero-fat carbonated drink, containing Lactobacillus, one new type of sparkling water without calories.
  • Crispy chocolate-coated yoghurt cubes, made from Cargill’s premium Gerkens GR76 cocoa powder and Cargill’s specialty fats for confectionery, great for digestive health.
  • Chocolate blueberry brownie, made from Cargill’s premium Gerkens GB78 cocoa powder, specialty sugar syrup and fats for baking, delivering a delightful cake-eating experience in bite-size pieces.

“Beyond the prototypes at FIC 2021, Cargill offers a versatile portfolio of food ingredients that can be applied to a wide range of foods and beverages, ” said Jerry Liu, President of Cargill China.

“Our in-depth research and continuous innovation have always been centred on one mission – enabling our customers to provide consumers with food products that better meet their ever-changing needs. We believe that it is only through strong customer partnerships that we can successfully deliver more innovative and relevant products for the China market.”

Since entering the China market 50 years ago, Cargill said it has brought its global expertise into the country and has been continuously strengthening its connections with customers and partners to meet the needs of the market.  The two innovation centres of Cargill in Shanghai and Beijing, working together with nine other similar centres in Asia and the world, play a critical role in bringing local sights to enable continuous innovation in the food and beverage sector.



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