CAPOL launches website for its patented natural colouring solutions

CAPOL launches website for its patented natural colouring solutions

German headquartered CAPOL group launches to provide a unique customer experience for its patented natural colours product range. It comes with a fresh new brand design for its growing natural pigments line marketed under the VIVAPIGMENTS trademark.

CAPOL is a provider of surface treatment agents for the confectionery industry. Its long history of consultative expertise in the finishing of gummies and jellies, sugar and chocolate panned products with anti-sticking, glazing and sealing agents has positioned the company as a trusted partner for candy manufacturers worldwide. The CAPOL brand’s long-established website is the reliable digital space for confectioners searching for insights on perfect confectionery finishes.

In recent years, the CAPOL group has welcomed VIVAPIGMENTS natural colour technology into its product portfolio, expanding its solution offerings for confectionery clients – and servicing the global demand for high-performing natural colours within the food and beverage industry. The VIVAPIGMENTS product range consists of natural colour pigments that are manufactured using a patented and proprietary process. Natural extracts are encapsulated in a rice protein matrix, providing VIVAPIGMENTS with extraordinary stability to light, heat and oxidation. As a result, VIVAPIGMENTS natural colours provide lake-like properties whilst offering clean label opportunities for a broad range of applications.

“By launching a dedicated website for our colour technology, we intend to bring inspiration to product developers by exploring the unique advantages of VIVAPIGMENTS for their food colour applications,” said Ann-Christin Meier, CAPOL Marketing Manager.

“These encapsulated natural colour pigments excel in many applications. They thrive when dispersed in fat-based matrices and are also perfectly suited for plating applications,” she explained. Where traditional water- and oil-soluble natural colours cannot achieve desired results, VIVAPIGMENTS have unique properties that can help developers obtain bright and stable colours.

Visitors of the new website can look forward to colourful application examples, an inspirational blog and information about the latest additions to the colour portfolio, such as a wide array of natural colour dispersions that bring ease of use for formulation work and specific manufacturing processes.



Image credit: CAPOL
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