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Since 1981, CAMA has been a provider in the engineering and manufacturing complete high-tech secondary packaging systems for the food and non-food sectors. The Packaging and Robotics divisions make up CAMA’s offering for complete lines, from primary packaging handling to finished packaging ready for palletization.

At IPACK-IMA, we will offer visitors the opportunity to touch our machines, but not only; through videos related to new applications, we will introduce CAMA plants and lines, for an even richer presentation. At the show, we will bring a robotic line with a battery of 12 Triaflex robots designed to pick up product and put it in trays. Of note, both machines have an Industry 4.0 package and are applicable to a variety of industries.

The machine we are going to exhibit is a fully integrated robotic solution, with a very small food printer and a battery of 12 Triaflex robots working in co-flow, therefore capable of packaging about 1000 products per minute. These robots feature an anti-collision system, which allows them to work in a very small space without interfering with each other’s functions: two product loading lines, therefore, one on the right and one on the left, with various configurations. The lines have an advanced vision system, which allows them to recognize product shapes and do quality checks. They are also equipped with an integrated digital-twin simulation system, the flagship of the first phase of Industry 4.0. Even before the machine was produced, in fact, we focused on preventive design, dedicated engineering that allowed us to replicate the packaging behavior of the products and their trajectories. All of this is visualized with a large HMI touch screen, which we have mounted directly on the machine and which allows you to see how the system was designed at the virtual engineering level and how it was then explained in reality. It’s a way to let the customer know how essential this phase is to the success of the project. This design strategy is very useful in sectors such as frozen food, where there is no guarantee of being able to test the entire product, maintaining the cold chain and quantities, which in that sector are often tons processed on very fast lines, on which to simulate operation. The digital twin therefore helps to simulate a real production cycle and helps to prevent problems that, if discovered during assembly and testing, are a very serious problem. The analysis of behaviors, loads, trajectories and robots has given therefore, a strong advantage.

Cama’s machines have also been enriched with Industry 4.0 augmented reality packages, but with one more feature than the robotic application mentioned above. The machines show through a tablet, all stages of maintenance, changeover and spare parts. The information, which was previously accessible with the paper manual, is displayed on screen via QR code. A user-friendly solution that almost completely replaces the traditional manual, effectively supporting staff training.

The added value of Cama machines is the total customization of the plants; our application standards include specifications and machinery agreed upon with the customer, in order to provide him with an absolutely customized product.

For 2022, as for the years to come, the objective remains that of opening to new segments, above all in the non-food sector, a sector in which we have already increased the share of our order book since last year, with a range of innovative machines that have taken us out of our comfort zone, proposing new challenges that we have successfully faced.

In fact, we have adapted our machines, which are specialized for the food market, to meet the needs of the non-food market, exploring new markets such as assembly, which is intense not only as packaging but also as components in sectors such as adhesive tape, cosmetics, but also returning to food, since some foods must be assembled.

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