Callebaut’s Dessert Report reveals chocolate sales opportunity

Callebaut’s latest Dessert Report takes a deep-dive into the ever-evolving foodservice landscape, providing operators with a comprehensive overview to help drive dessert sales. As the hospitality industry continues on the road to recovery, it’s reassuring to know that consumers are spending more on desserts as they look to treat themselves when dining out.

The second edition of the report featuring CGA commissioned research* focuses on the past, present and future of dining out in the UK. The report covers, pricing, menu creation, the role of dietary requirements and demographics, giving operators invaluable insight on ways in which they can maximise their profit potential by offering desserts.

The report includes key findings on what consumers are looking for on dessert menus. Unsurprisingly, chocolate is a firm consumer favourite, ranking top at 45% and 35% of consumers specify that they find chocolate with Belgian provenance the most appealing. With this in mind, there is a strong demand for premium desserts across the UK with 49% of dessert consumers more likely to order a dessert made with premium ingredients.

The report highlights that consumers are opting for desserts on social, celebratory and indulgent occasions, supporting the findings that they are spending more on desserts to treat themselves. In fact, 84% of dessert consumers opt for sharing desserts as 34% agree they do this to enjoy the sharing experience. Seasonality also plays a significant role with 61% of consumers preferring a seasonal dessert menu to a consistent one.

With 36% of consumers between 18 and 34 eating out once or twice a week, restaurants were found to be the most popular out-of-home channel.

Dietary requirements do play a role in dessert consumption. More than half of typical dessert consumers, and 76% of those with a dietary requirement, think vegan dessert options deserve a place on menus. Providing vegan and vegetarian desserts is unlikely to deter most consumers, but will influence around half of those with dietary restrictions to order more.

Vincenzo Mangano, Sales Director Gourmet at Callebaut UK & Ireland, comments: “This year’s Dessert Report offers a complete overview of the market at a critical time for operators as they look to recover from the effects of having to shut their doors. It is clear that desserts are an integral part of a food offering for an operator and can contribute significantly to their financial gain.

“With Callebaut’s Everyday Inspiration campaign, a comprehensive portfolio of recipes has been developed to help maxmise the profit potential of chocolate desserts for operators at all skill levels to meet the needs of consumers, including those with vegan or flexitarian diets.”

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