Cadbury slated for selling chocolate biscuit selection box in the UK with only eight pieces

Cadbury Creme egg

Cadbury have come under fire in the UK and have been accused of ripping off their customers, after a variety box of treats had just eight biscuits inside.

The box itself measures 21cm by 21cm and has a depth of under 3.5cm, however, according to the website, the box is supposedly a 107g Cadbury Biscuit Assortment Box.

Back in 2010, Cadbury was sold to US behemoth Kraft Foods for around £11.5bn, and is now operating under the Mondelez umbrella.

Since then, Cadbury has frequently been accused of betraying the principles of their Quaker founders, and notably drew a lot of criticism after binning off their commitment to using Fairtrade chocolate.

As well as this, customers regularly complain about the changes to taste.

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