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Cadbury, in partnership with the media agency Carat, called upon Ogury for its digital video campaign. At the end of 2020, approaching the holiday season, the chocolate brand wanted to drive awareness of Cadbury Heroes League, an eSports tournament in the UK. This special event brings the opportunity for kids to train their parents’ gaming skills to battle other parents on Street Fighter.

The campaign aimed to engage families with teens and grandparents, through humorous videos featuring celebrities with their parents, including Tom Grennand and Ashley Banjo. The video ad redirected users to the tournament’s YouTube page, where they could discover other videos from the campaign, watch the live stream and replays of the battles.

For this campaign, the Mondelez subsidiary relied on the Ad Chooser format developed by Ogury. This feature brings a new way of delivering full-screen mobile video advertisements that enables consumers to choose the ad that most appeals to them, bolstering brand memorability. Ogury’s Ad Chooser provides users with the choice of two Cadbury video ads to watch. The final stage of ad targeting is done by the user themself, by selecting their preferred video to be watched on full-screen.

“The Cadbury Brand Exclusive Ad Chooser format, combined with Ogury’s technology and expertise, allowed us to engage our audience with an interactive and engaging video ad. This campaign created a positive brand experience by giving our customers choice and control over the video they wanted to watch.” Ria Rianti, Senior Brand Manager at Mondelez.

“We have been working with Ogury for a number of years, attracted by their ability to provide high impact formats that guarantee the visibility of the message our brand partners want to deliver,” said Lauren Kenny, Client Business Director at Carat UK. “A format such as the Ad Chooser puts the users in control of their advertising experience. This deepens their trust in the brand while also increasing memorability.”

“Mobile video is an extremely powerful format, but its impact becomes almost irrelevant if that same video is displayed only partially or off-screen. What good is a completed video if a portion of it wasn’t visible? As with the rest of the Ogury ad portfolio, Ad Chooser is fully on-screen and impactful. We definitely believe that fully on-screen formats should become the main standard of the market.” commented Habenn Bereket, Northern Europe Managing Director at Ogury.

The campaign allowed the brand to reach an 87.8% visible video completion rate, based on a VTR of 90.4% and a viewability rate of 97.2% Ogury’s Ad Chooser is also enhanced with a creative choice report. This report enables Cadbury to test user preferences and analyze the engagement and memorability of their video ads. One of the insights highlighted in the report showed that, despite both videos having a similar VTR, the one with Tom Grennan resonated better with the audience: not only was that video the most picked (52%), it also drove a 5.6% higher ad recall. These reliable insights can directly benefit future campaign strategies.

Thanks to Ogury’s unique targeting technology and proprietary ad format, Cadbury managed to generate video completes among the brand’s target audiences. A campaign that reminds us that the holiday season is coming soon!


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