Cachao, Spanish luxury plant-based chocolate brand, launches in UK

Brand responds to British demand for high quality vegan chocolate with handmade and organic bean-to-bar chocolate created by renowned chocolatier, Tino Wolter.

Cachao, one of Spain’s luxury chocolate brands that produces handmade, organic and plant-based bean-to-bar chocolate on the Balearic Island of Mallorca is now available in the UK for the first time.

Cachao is on a mission to set the standard for the highest quality and luxurious chocolate available. Launching in Britain will allow the business to secure a slice of the UK’s chocolate category, which is worth £2.9 billion and where there is particular demand for dark chocolate, with sales growing by 12.2% in the past year.

The launch range is comprised of 23 SKUs, made up of three signature lines: Chocolate Bars, Chocolate Squares and Chocolate Covered Beans & Nuts and are available to purchase via the brand’s website.

Tino Wolter, Cachao spokesperson and Head Chocolatier said, “We are really excited to launch Cachao in the UK for the first time and hope to replicate the success that we have enjoyed in Spain.

“The UK is a nation of discerning chocolate lovers and our strategy is to tap into growing demand for high quality, handmade and organic bean-to-bar, plant-based chocolate. I spent two years perfecting the Cachao recipes and we expect the innovative editions will be really well received in Britain.”

Ingredients & Production Process

Cachao is produced using the finest ingredients from both local suppliers in the Balearic Islands and Mainland Spain and the highest-quality, sustainably-sourced cacao from Indonesia and South America.

The range is created using a bespoke recipe that was meticulously developed over two years by the brand’s head chocolatier, TinoWolter, a renowned chef in Europe, where he has established himself across the Michelin Star community.

Cachao’s exceptional ingredients and bespoke production process retains the goodness of chocolate in its purest form, delivering a hit of naturally-occurring caffeine and theobromine that has an energising effect on the whole body. This is a truly unique aspect of the benefits of cacao.

Raw cacao beans are carefully harvested, peeled and fermented before being stone ground on-site at the Cachao premises. Here, they undergo a complex four day production process where the resulting chocolate is heated (always under 42 degrees) and cooled at certain temperatures for specific time intervals to deliver the perfect balance of textures and taste.

Tino making chocolateThe Range

The core Cachao range comprises three signature lines:

  • Cachao Chocolate Bars: luxuriously smooth and silky raw chocolate (60g bar).
  • Cachao Chocolate Squares: delicately thin, melt in the mouth bites that deliver an instant kick of flavour (40g or 150g box).
  • Chocolate Covered Beans & Nuts:
  • Chocolate Covered Cacao Beans: decadently rich cacao beans covered in 71% pure chocolate and finished with a dusting of raw cacao powder(120g jar).
  • Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans: aromatic organic coffee beans encased in a coating of 71% pure chocolate (120g jar).

Cachao’s Chocolate Bars and Squares are available in seven distinct editions:

  • 100% Cacao – Power-packed, raw cacao and nothing else, this 100% cacao offering is smooth and silky in texture with a complex earthy and smoky flavour.
  • Pure – Made with 71% pure chocolate, this rich, raw cacao is enhanced by notes of red berries, vanilla, coffee and caramel.
  • Apricot & Lavender – Made with 71% pure chocolate, this refreshing blend of floral lavender and juicy ripe apricot provides a unique and vibrant flavour combination.
  • Sea Salt – Made with 71% pure chocolate, the minerals of hand-harvested sea salt contrast perfectly with the signature rich Cachao chocolate base.
  • Rosemary & Walnut – This aromatic combination of earthy rosemary and creamy walnut marries perfectly with the decadent 71% pure chocolate base.
  • Coffee – An energising and aromatic blend of freshly roasted coffee beans and 71% pure chocolate.
  • Orange – Made with 71% pure chocolate, fresh oranges are expertly dried, finely ground and delicately blended to provide a mellow citrus flavour to this classic combination.

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