Buttermilk’s innovative Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt Fudge bar comes in plastic-free wrapper and is palm oil-free


Buttermilk is continuing to minimise the environmental impact of its confectionery range by relaunching its popular plastic free, palm oil-free Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt fudge bar.

Buttermilk’s delicious Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt bar made waves last summer when it became one of the first on-the-go treats to come in an environmentally-friendly wrapper. After enjoying the all-butter bar of crumbly chocolate caramel sea salt fudge, fans were invited to pop the wrapper in the compost bin where it would decompose in less than 26 weeks.

The firm has now relaunched the product after listening to customer feedback about the size of the bar – which was proving a little too moreish for one sitting. The fudge bar has now been enrobed with a single origin Colombian chocolate.

Buttermilk is based near Bodmin, so the team were determined to reduce plastic waste which plagues the beautiful Cornwall beaches and countryside and vowed that their packaging would not end up the same way. The solution was to find a compostable cellulose wrapper made of plant-based materials.

Buttermilk managing director Tracy McDonnell Goad said: “The challenge was to find a material that would not pollute the environment, but it also had to be robust enough to travel all over the UK and beyond. Customer feedback has been so positive for this new fudge treat and just shows that you can have a guilt-free treat without worrying about plastic packaging.”

The new bars are a premium addition to the trend for ‘on-the-go’ snacking and join Buttermilk’s line-up of more than 60 flavours which range from clotted cream to Pink Gin and Gingerbread. The family-run firm’s award-winning treats are still created using traditional recipes and methods at the company’s production kitchen near Bodmin Moor.

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