Barry Callebaut predicts 2023 chocolate trends

Barry Callebaut has identified top trends for chocolate in 2023, which they say will centre on intense indulgence, mindful indulgence and healthy indulgence.

As a continually growing market – anticipated to be worth over US$128 billion by 2023 according to Euromonitor research – the company say that innovation plays a key role in ensuring growth projection is also meeting latest needs of consumers, which depends on their mood, mindset and attitude towards life.

Intense indulgence is enjoyed by consumers who want to live life to the fullest. According to research of Barry Callebaut’s conducted in August 2022, 71% of global consumers reported that when they want to celebrate, they choose something with chocolate in it. For chocolate, this means consumers will be seeking out exclusivity, storytelling and craftsmanship in the treats they look for when they celebrate.

“While there will always be a need for Intense Indulgence chocolate experiences, we expect consumers to shift towards a more healthier approach, increasing the Mindful Indulgence chocolate space,” explained Bas Smit, Global Vice President Marketing at Barry Callebaut.

The mindful indulgence trend is focused towards consumers who want to indulge without compromising their physical or mental wellbeing, the health of others or the planet. Consumer demand for chocolates that meet these needs – which includes plant-based, sugar reduced, sustainably sourced and with traceable ingredients – research of the company’s from March 2022 shows that three out of four consumers agree chocolate needs to be tasty, ‘good for me’ and good for the planet.

Consumers who look for healthy indulgence actively make choices which have a positive impact on their health. According to Barry Callebaut, 65% of consumers would enjoy ‘healthy-boosted’ chocolate, so chocolate with macro or micronutrients. Three out of four agree a higher cocoa content means healthier chocolate.

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