Ask The Expert: The power of one

Mikal Lefévre, Food Technologist at Tanis Confectionery, talks sustainability, efficiency and quality control 


What advancements or innovations in gummy production technology was showcased on the live demo on May 2nd? 

During our Depositing and Demoulding Online masterclass on May 2nd, we guided our viewers through the accessible world of candy production. In this digital event, we showcased the versatile applicability of our 400S Depositor through clear step-by-step videos, highlighting the benefits of this compact automatic pouring machine. Additionally, we were able to demonstrate our Vacuum Demoulding technology live for the first time, explaining its advantages like easy operating, small footprint, minimal compressed air consumption and minimal noise. Both the Depositor and Demoulder were presented from an Entry Level perspective, but what’s remarkable about Tanis Equipment is the scalability of our technology. The innovations visible in this compact equipment are also applied on a larger scale in our market-leading production lines for gums and jellies for the global players in the confectionery industry.  

Consider, for instance, the complete control over the depositor from a smart and user-friendly touchscreen, as well as the easy cleaning process of Tanis Equipment. These are features you’ll find across all our production lines for the Cannabis, Nutraceutical, and Confectionery Industries. Vacuum demoulding is a technology that has been utilised in the packaging industry for years, and after extensive testing and development, we can now incorporate this efficient technique into our latest production lines from the 400S until the 800R. 


How do depositors and demoulders contribute to the efficiency and quality of gummy production? 

We offer our entry-level equipment in a modular way, allowing it to grow alongside the business. This approach spreads investments and enables the installation’s capacity to scale with market demand. From the perspective of starting manufacturers, they can start small with only the depositor, growing to our unique polycarbonate moulds with a special coating to help the demoulding process. When your market is even growing further our automatic demoulding equipment will come to use, to quickly and easy demould the mould in one go. And if your market is still growing, we have our special designed Tanis conditioning rooms and kitchens that improve your quality and production capacity.    

When discussing our larger production lines, the key lies in streamlining the mogul process. Our moulding lines are reliable, as they utilize Gantry Robots or Robot Arms instead of chain conveyors, thus minimizing downtime. Additionally, we provide support through our Innovation Center; our food technologists always implement new recipes, optimising the production process and equipment settings what will enhance the output quality.  


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