Ask the Expert: Royal Duyvis Wiener

International Confectionery talks to Frank Coné, Sales Director, Royal Duyvis Wiener about recent major product innovations and how they cater to all kinds of customer requirements.

Royal Duyvis Wiener was first founded in 1885 and now are one of the global manufacturers of cocoa and chocolate processing equipment. We sat down with Frank Coné, Sales Director to discuss recent product innovations on the market and how they are prioritising sustainability and their customers. 

You have a long history as a supplier of cocoa and chocolate processing equipment. What are the major product innovations you’ve developed in that time? Has the industry become increasingly more automated? 

Royal Duyvis Wiener have launched a range of innovations for chocolate and compound processing equipment for every imaginable flavor in the world. In the latest innovation program, launched as Generation 7, you will find the Wiener Ball Mill for chocolate and compound, the Wiener Choc 500 and the Thouet 5-Roll Refiner.  

Our innovation projects are not limited to just the traditional and modern chocolate processing. In the first months of 2023 the new Duyvis Press will be launched. The new press is so much more than just a simple upgrade. Be prepared for revolutionary changes to the pressing process, now pending patent. The Nuts & Seeds equipment is also in full development. The exclusive patented Log5 Pasteurizer has been re-engineered. With this smart engineering the all-natural process for pasteurising nuts & seeds will also be made available to customers with smaller budgets. Continued reliable and all natural results with a massive improvement on the ROI and guaranteed food safety. 

We see an increased demand from the industry for IoT-solutions. This way of working has obviously been accelerated by the pandemic and the resulting travel restrictions. During the pandemic we succeeded in starting up a line in Japan from a desk in the Netherlands all through implementing new technology. We foresee more processing lines in factories with less workforce handling these lines. A necessary development as recruiting skilled staff is also a challenge in these times. Automation is a must-have to go forward, which Royal Duyvis Wiener supports by high-tech e-engineering and digital monitoring. 

How are you incorporating sustainability into your product innovation? Does ensuring the longevity of machines factor into this? 

All our product innovations are launched in line with our 3S Philosophy: Safety, Sustainability and 24/7 Support. Sustainability has always been a key driver in our innovation strategy. All of our machines are consistently scrutinised to maintain continuous improvement. For every new development we look at the most sustainable options. This is done, of course, without compromising on food safety and the quality of the end product. It’s all about increasing performance with less input…

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