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International Confectionery sits down exclusively with Emiliano Leonardi, Head of Automation at CEPI to discuss the latest turnkey solutions and automation.

Could you provide the history and heritage of CEPI and what the company stands for? 

CEPI is a provider of fully customised bulk-handling systems, which includes the integrated automation of all operations, including multiple PLC solutions with HMI for the complete management of production and Tracking System software providing process control, warehouse management and full traceability. Hardware and software design is done completely in-house. With a team of 24 programmers working on automation and software design, we are able to provide technical and human continuity through the development of a project that can become very specific and complex. 

The automatisation of the dosing system governs all operations from the loading of storing stations to conveyance and dosing, including all processes such as fermentation. It also controls parameters such as temperature, pH, atmosphere, which is crucial in preserving the properties of ingredients such as flour or fats. The recipe is managed exactly in the way indicated by the customer: we only provide accurate automation and the most suitable dosing technology, as well as our expertise in how to optimise the management of various ingredients. We do not overturn their product or their process.  

At CEPI, it is our mission to provide turnkey solutions, that is, solutions that make the user independent. In practice, in our systems processes are covered from storing to dosing, and we support any materials and processes the user wishes to include due to our diversified technological offer. We already possess internally all expertise needed to design, build and commission the system, and we provide the automation and all the data related to the operations run by the system.  

What turnkey systems does CEPI offer?

Designing a dosing system is a complex process that requires a close analysis of the manufacturer’s processes and detailed information that goes beyond the purely technical. Our process involves all departments from warehouse, to production, technical, purchasing and marketing, to include projection of future productions and create a system that will easily accommodate future developments and expansions.  

Our systems are based on long term thinking, to create the most flexible solution for each food manufacturer and not preclude any new path they may take in the future. As such, they are very easy to revamp, which contributes to the high circularity of our product, where our equipment has a long life and is mainly made from stainless steel. In addition, we guarantee continuity with a stable PLC based system that is very standardised and adaptable, therefore ready to follow all changes and future additions. Our automation is also designed to optimise all processes, leading to the minimisation of energy and material consumption.  

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