Archie McPhee launches kale candy canes

kale candy canes

Archie McPhee, the Seattle confectionery company behind the kale candy canes, is known for making unusual treats. Their line-up includes such incongruous candy cane flavours as baconpickles, and mac and cheese.

“No more pesky holiday flavours to worry about, just the bitter grassiness of your favourite vegetable,” the product description reads. “This set of six Kale Candy Canes gives you the flavour of kale with none of the dietary benefits.”

Each candy cane is 5.25 inches tall with white and kale-green stripes instead of the traditional white and red. Outside of their packaging, the confections could be mistaken for regular candy canes, giving it great gag stocking stuffer potential. Of course, if you know someone who actually likes their candy to taste like vegetables, then this is the perfect gift.

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