Anton Paar and Brabender at Anuga FoodTec

For the first time since the takeover in August 2023, Anton Paar will be presenting the Brabender product portfolio and other measuring and process technology for laboratories and production at Anuga FoodTec 2024.

From 19-22 March, food technology experts from around the world will meet at Anuga FoodTec in Cologne, Germany, and is due to expect more than 50,000 visitors. In addition to the familiar areas such as process technology, filling and packaging technology, this year’s trade fair will include a separate area for environmental technology and energy.

Brabender and Anton Paar will join the 1600 exhibitors, which have been under one roof since the takeover of Brabender by Anton Paar. In addition to an expanded product range including extruders, rheometers and visometers, customers now have access to Anton Paar’s global service and sales network.

With a focus on quality, Brabender and Anton Paar will be presenting a series of new products and further developments such as the Brabender TwinLab-F twin screw extruder for laboratory-scale product and process development; the Brabender ViscoQuick viscometer and compact rheometers of the MCR-series; the Brabender Convimeter II and L-Rix inline process viscometer, to name a few.

The range of applications for these products is wide. “Our instruments can be used in the production of meat substitutes, snacks and bakery products, doughs, pasta, ketchup, puddings and confectionery. They are suitable for quality control of ingredients and processes as well as for recipe development for various products such as flips, candy laces, biscuit fillings or chocolate,” explained Matthias Mayser, Head of the Food and Feed Application Laboratory at Brabender.

Using the Brabender Convimeter II, viscosity is continuously recorded during the production process – such as measuring the consistency of pudding in custard pretzels, wafer dough or jam in cooked biscuits.

Users of this instrument have direct access to current viscosity data for production monitoring and quality assurance. The L-Rix1 inline refractometer measures the concentration of liquids in real time to ensure optimum product quality. It can also be applied to check the concentration of sugar in the dissolving phase to determine the optimum process temperature and time.

“While the Convimeter II is used in a continuous process, the ViscoQuick and the MCR rheometer series are used to measure the viscosity of chocolates and fillings in baked goods and snacks on a laboratory scale,” said Mayser.

The ViscoQuick viscometer is suited for characterising chocolate raw materials in chocolate production, including cocoa butter, cocoa mass and nut paste in its scope. “It determines the crystallisation behaviour of the raw materials under shear and their rheological properties,” added Mayser.

It also has applications for the analysis of starch-bsed raw materials in the baking and pasta industry, as the ratio of starch to flour is important for the quality and characteristics of baked goods.

Meat substitutes and other pulse-based products such as pasta or lentil snacks can be developed by extrusion with the TwinLab-F 20/40. This twin-screw extruder makes it possible to optimise and develop new recipes for a wide range of foodstuffs, including snacks, breakfast cereals and pasta or confectionery products on a laboratory scale.

By adapting the recipe or process parameters such as screw speed, temperature and shear, in order to identify the ideal properties for the desired product and production process. This enables users to realise a wide range of products, including chewing gum without plastic or chocolate rice.

The Ultrapyc gas pycnometer is applied for a wide range of pasty, lumpy or sticky foods. It determines the density of solid and semi-solid materials for monitoring purity, consistency and formulation. Cheese, chocolate, dough, sausage and jam are just a few examples of possible applications.

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