AFT developing alternative proteins to replace dairy

Alternative protein development company Armored Fresh Technologies (AFT) has said it has developed its own technology to produce alternative proteins to replicate casein, a milk protein ingredient found in animal milk.

Extracting proteins from select microorganisms and providing them with emulsification functions has allowed the company to produce proteins which can replace casein. By applying their alternative protein to plant-based materials to create plant-based emulsifying proteins, the company has been successful in creating a plant-based ice cream which it will showcase at CES 2023, this year taking place from 5-8 January in Las Vegas. Visitors to its booth will be able to sample alternative ice cream.

As a result, AFT has managed to attract US$1 million in seed investment from Forward Deployed VC, at the same time their US subsidiary was established, located in New York.

Thanks to the investment, AFT plans on completing technologies it is currently promoting in a shorter time frame, by focusing on developing plant materials which can function like animal protein, to provide alternatives for animal proteins. According to the company, the technology they are developing can be used to replace casein, therefore producing substitutes for a range of dairy products including cheese, ice cream and yoghurt.

The emulsified protein the company produces differs from existing plant-based proteins, it has said, in terms of function and nutrition, as it is water-soluble, emulsified and contains more than 50% of essential amino acids. It does not affect the flavour profile when applied as the material is neutral-tasting.

“We are close to changes that we have never faced before, such as what we will eat in the future. That is why we are happy to introduce a plant-based emulsified protein without animal or GMO material,” explained AFT’s Chief Technology Officer. “In particular, this raw material is easy to apply to all dairy products such as ice cream, cheese, yogurt, and powdered formula, so we expect it to be an opportunity to collaborate with leading global companies seeking transformation.”

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