ACMA: A new concept of services

ACMA, a Coesia company, has continued to evolve its customer support strategies, following the development of technology and market trends. Today, the key lies in operating in a predictive manner both for avoiding the emergence of problems and for making maintenance more efficient, thus avoiding downtime. In particular, a primary focus is given to customers and their needs while supporting them continuously with an offer that efficiently combines know-how and technology.

Eliminating distances

ACMA was a forerunner in developing advanced technologies to increase the speed of responses and the efficiency of services provided to customers. From remote support and monitoring of machine conditions and performances, the company now offers a complete and scalable package of technological and digital solutions to increase production line efficiency. Predictive systems, comprising sophisticated networks of sensors and state-of-the-art software, are employed to avoid downtime and optimise operations like the ordering of spare parts (HMI, Webshop, Remote assistance). Even during the lockdown, all these tools enabled the company to operate at full capacity to support its customers.

The value of expertise: Early Engagement

Aside from its technology, ACMA relies on the value of human experience and expertise. This is why it has implemented the process of “Early Engagement” starting from 2018. This process involves introducing a customer service specialist – straight from the very first phases after an order – who works alongside the sales representative to accompany customers throughout the construction and installation process of the machine. The customer service specialist has extensive technical skills and will flank the sales team in all phases of the management of an order to create an even more customised package.

One of the added values of the Early Engagement project lies precisely in being able to create tailor-made projects, structured beginning from a preventive analysis of the technologies already available to customers and their production requirements. The professionalism of the service is guaranteed by almost a century of experience and the company’s knowledge of the market and technological developments, including the most recent trends in environmental sustainability and the use of new materials.

ACMA_1From spare parts to training

The support ACMA offers has evolved significantly from the simple sale of spare parts, to involve a series of aspects that extend beyond the machines themselves to encompass an all-round level of service. These enable risks to be minimised and investments to be maximised and constitute a broader and more extensive package. Indeed, over and above its traditional supply of spare parts, the company offers customised technical training and ongoing advisory services on the functioning of its machines / production lines.

Putting the customer first

This form of assistance is part of a customer centric approach that involves all ACMA’s departments. It is an approach that aligns the design, development and distribution of products and services with the current and future requirements of customers, in order to establish a relationship of trust that remains solid over time and offers added value to customers in the long-term. The added value of this support helps render production processes more efficient, in terms of increased profitability as well as improved sustainability.


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