81.2% increase of sustainable cocoa

Last year, the proportion of cocoa produced according to sustainability criteria in the German confectionery sector reached 81.2%, according to the results of a recent survey done by the Federal Association of the German Confectionery Industry (BDSI) among its member companies. This marks a further increase compared with figures from 2021; 79%.

“In the first BDSI survey for 2011, this proportion was only around 3% and is now 81%. This is a great achievement by the confectionery industry, which includes all company sizes and also underlines Germany’s pioneering role in efforts to achieve more sustainability in the cocoa sector,” explained Bastian Fassin, Chairman of the BDSI.

Among the range of activities in the German confectionery industry to ensure cocoa is cultivated more sustainably, the focus in particular is on improving the living conditions of smallholders and their families, especially in West Africa.

Several German confectionery manufacturers participate in or have their own projects and programs to empower farmers and their communities to improve their income, make cocoa farming more product and climate-resilient, while protecting the environment, battling deforestation and ensuring human rights are protected all along the supply chain. This is done by closely cooperating with all of those involved in the chain.

The certification is an important ‘building block’ for establishing a more sustainable cocoa sector. It can support companies in complying with requirements of the upcoming EU deforestation regulation; by the end of 2024, importers of cocoa, chocolate, soybeans, palm oil, coffee, beef, wood and rubber will have to prove that their products are deforestation. This means making deforestation part of companies’ duty of care.

The BDSI is also involved in the ‘Forum Sustainable Cocoa’, an initiative founded in 2012. In addition to members from the chocolate and confectionery industry and food trade, the federal government, non-governmental organisations and standard-setting associations such as Fairtrade and the Rainforest Alliance are involved. This year, a deforestation-free cocoa supply chain is the central theme.

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