​Sparkling wine sweets to hit UK shelves, courtesy of Jelly Belly


Non-alcoholic sparkling wine jelly beans are now available in the UK, after Jelly Belly decided to introduce them for adult snacking and weddings.

The product, which has a pale gold colour with a jewel-like finish which is designed specifically to mimic the appearance of a freshly-poured glass of sparkling wine as the foam begins to settle, is hugely popular in the US, so Jelly Belly are looking to bring that success over to the UK.

The new flavour will be available in 4kg bulk cases as well as 42g sparkling wine flavour bubbly bottles, which will retail at £3 each.

Jelly Belly have had to change a few things in the formula to maintain compliance, with the glucose syrup used in the American jelly beans being replaced with tapioca syrup instead.

The jelly beans are expected to be a big hit among consumers, especially with New Year’s Eve on the horizon.

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