Wacky Wafers re-launched by Leaf Brands in consumer pleasing move

Wacky Wafer

Following a six year wait, Leaf Brands have finally managed to re-launch their Wacky Wafers range following a phenomenal demand by consumers for the nostalgic sweets.

Ellia Kassoff, the CEO of Leaf Brands, is fully expecting the initial run to sell out at a rapid speed, simply due to the overwhelming demand from the Leaf website in relation to pre-sale orders for the snack.

Leaf have stated that in four weeks, pre-orders for Wacky Wafers shot up to over 500,000 units, despite the fact there’s been fairly minimal marketing in comparison to other schemes.

This isn’t the first time that Leaf Brands have brought back a loved product, with the company bringing back their Hydrox cookies range back in 2015.

Kassoff has gone on record stating that Leaf have gone to immense measures to make sure that the Wacky Wafers are pretty much down to a tee what they were like before, with consumers able to indulge in the huge sized wafers, the crack when they break inside your mouth, and the smell of orange, apple, banana, strawberry and watermelon.

The launch had been officially announced at the Sweet & Snacks Expo in Chicago in 2016, however due to a host of manufacturing complexities, the release date was pushed back from July 2017 to December 2017.

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