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Tanis Food Tech discloses their innovative new range of marshmallows and where to see them at the highly esteemed ProSweets event. 

Designed for delight. That’s some smart marshmallow. Inside and out 

We take pride in constantly evolving them to match or even exceed expectations.  That’s why our marshmallows’ attractive exterior covers some surprisingly intelligent interiors. Sugar-free for the US market, high-temperature resistance for clients in warmer regions. We even created kosher and halal marshmallows for Jewish and Islamic customers. Because we believe our tasteful delight is for everyone!  

We like to take things very personal at TFT. Especially when it concerns our approach to our business and clients. We stay true to our family values and share a passionate drive to process all sweet delights you desire. Supporting you all the way. Without fuss, full of direct communication and with great pleasure. Characteristics that make us a future-orientated, reliable partner for confectionery and dairy manufacturers and industrial bakers. 

Since 1991, we support the bakery, confectionery and dairy industry through our top-notch process lines and ongoing process knowledge. Knowledge that we love to share. As we speak, hundreds of our continuous, software-controlled production lines around the globe make millions of carefully crafted, yummy treats. With the personal touch of perfectly customised, personalised lines that cater to every need: from the required product recipe to its necessary process steps. 

According to your specific requests, we design and build a fully automated production line for your extruded or deposited marshmallows. This whole system can be run by one operator, from ingredient weighing and dosing all the way to the cleaning of the finished candy. With our help and experience, you can start up production without any knowledge of the process. Our specialist team is constantly available to support your (new) business. 

These fun-shaped marshmallows are a big hit at celebrations: hearts, flowers, ducks, Smurfs, figures. After making a base marshmallow in the TFT Marshmallow kitchen we can produce almost every required shape, size, colour and taste. Giving you much freedom to create your own, unique brand specials. With the addition of a depositor with its own specific software incorporated into the line, it is possible to produce nearly any imaginable 3D shape. You can rely on our specialist team to brainstorm with you and turn your ideas into complete and continuous production lines, that can be run by one single operator. 

Dutch food equipment designer Tanis Food Tec (TFT) powered since 2020 by Orangeworks supplies high-quality, continuous process lines for bakery and confectionery products. Our expertise lies in the engineering of customised solutions for innovative product ideas. The fully automatic plants offer a range from ingredient weighing and preparation, premixing, tempering – crystallising – plasticising to aeration, depositing, coating, finishing and decoration. A sophisticated Cleaning in Place system can be integrated in all systems if necessary. All equipment is designed according to European EHEDG hygiene criteria of which group we are a member. TFT provides start-up and after-sales. Our test lab facility is available for product development. 

You are more than welcome to visit our booth D051 (hall 10) during ProSweets on January 30th – February 2nd. Go to www.tanisfoodtec.com for more information.  


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