Syntegon’s finishing and packaging equipment at ProSweets

At ProSweets 2024 Syntegon will be showcasing their systems for the confectionery industry – from the kitchen, depositing and finishing technologies to the packaging solutions. Visitors to the booth can expect to experience highlights, such as the fully automated oiling drum that will be presented at a trade show for the first time, alongside Syntegon’s high-speed vertical packaging SVX Duplex machine.

The more process steps manufacturers automate, the more stable and reliable their production becomes. Product finishing is the last process step during the production of gummies and jellies – but is no less important than the previous process steps. It still influences the quality of the packaged gummies in the shelf.

“Many confectionery producers are facing the challenge of varying product quality and line performance in different production shifts as well as a lack of skilled personnel. Centerlining features and automation can help to overcome this issue, not only for the kitchen or depositing line, but also for the finishing equipment. That was our motivation to develop our new Makat BC96,” explained Dr. Sandra Link, Product Manager at Makat.

The fully automated oiling drum Makat BC96 has several centerlining features and recipe management for a lower process variability. By using a Human Machine Interface (HMI), operators can set individual target values for the different production parameters and save them in a product recipe to call up the data as required. This way, gummy and jelly manufacturers can achieve more reliable processes, which not only leads to a higher product quality, but also to a higher OEE, reduced product waste and fast product changeovers. Additionally, it also enables product specific parameter settings and individual treatment of the gummies.

Sensors facilitate process monitoring and preventive error detection at the oiling process. Integrated software immediately detects deviations and reports them to the operator. “This allows operators to keep supervising their processes and avoid process disturbances or at least to early initiate troubleshooting. For a continuously high product quality and a running production,” added Sandra Link.

The recipe management, centerlining, automation and process monitoring as well as operator guiding of the Makat BC96 align towards shared goals: an enhancement of the process reliability, a higher quality of gummies, less waste and a high uptime of the machine.

The SVX Duplex will be on show as well, belonging to the vertical SVX series first launched at interpack 2023. The core innovation of all SVX variants is a cross-seal drive consisting of four independently controlled servo motors. The solution, which currently has pending patents, gives manufacturers full control over the vertical and horizontal movement, ensuring reliable seals.

Thanks to a combination of four motors and low inertia, the drive contributes to achieving high outputs. “Customers are always looking for solutions that can produce reliably tight cross seals for added product safety. The SVX makes sure this is the case without compromising on speed. Depending on the bag parameters as well as the dosing of the product, the SVX Duplex has an output of up to 600 bags per minute with two film lanes,” explained Martin Boutkan.

In terms of design, the SVX series also stands out with a front cylinder and curved sliding doors that redefines machine manipulation and ease of access. Upon opening, the doors relocate to the back part of the cylinder, making sure they do not obstruct operators during the daily work. And with a compact machine width, the SVX Duplex can easily be integrated in a new and existing packaging lines.

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