Sustainable Cocoa Horizons chocolate coming to Brach’s portfolio

Ferrara Candy Co.

The Ferrara Candy Co. brand has reformulated its chocolate recipe for all of its double-dipped products and many of its other chocolates, including double-dipped peanuts, chocolate-covered almonds and malt balls.

Brach’s worked with the Cocoa Horizons Foundation to supply the chocolate and retool the formula. The process complements inclusions and through increased caramelization provides creamier notes and a smoother mouthfeel, the company said.

“We wanted to evaluate our consumer’s experience and brings news to a portion of our portfolio that hasn’t had innovation recently,” said Peter Goldman, Seasonal Director at Brach’s and Ferrara.

The confectioner has been focussing efforts on its seasonal business, much of which falls into the non-chocolate category, such as its jellybeans and conversation hearts. “We regularly evaluate our recipes to ensure that key ingredients meet our standards or are being improved,” he added.

The Double-Dipped Hazelnuts are new to the Brach’s product line but will be the first on shelves to feature the new chocolate recipe.

Brach’s Double-Dipped Peanuts, Bridge Mix, Peanut Clusters (and the caramel version), Almond Supremes, Chocolate Covered Raisin and Chocolate Malt Balls will soon embrace the updated formula.

The brand’s purple packaging has also upgraded to a brighter purple with real photos of the product on the bag.

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