Schubert to showcase entire portfolio at ProSweets

Ahead of ProSweets Cologne, which is running 28-31 January 2024, Gerhard Schubert will be showcasing to visitors its expertise in the packaging of snacks and confectionery. Solutions that will be shown include its TLM Comfort Feeder, a solution for feeding carton blanks. Schubert experts will be providing advice on their portfolio of the automated packaging of snacks and confectionery.

Innovations often are the result of solving a problem. In this example, Schubert focused on the fact that process delays can happen if the packaging line’s blank magazine runs empty, which means machine operators have to act quickly to avoid unnecessary stoppage.

With the TLM Comfort Feeder, this solution is designed to resolve this issue. All that is needed is to place the entire pallet of blanks, still in the cutting sheet, into the machine. An F4 robot then pulls the individual blanks directly from the sheet and feeds them into the erecting process at a rate of 60 cycles per minute.

This procedure offers another advantage; the cut sheet can be optimised to maximise the use of the packaging material. This saves the material and consequently, resources and costs. The combination of sheet feeding, high erecting performance and loading and sealing offers the company’s customers an advantage machine concept: The bar packer is part of the TLM Power Compact machine category, which includes TLM machines that deliver a high performance density in a small space.

In addition to live demonstrations of the TLM Comfort Feeder, Schubert experts will be providing information on the company’s diverse portfolio of packaging machines; from pick and place robots in the pickerline to flow wrappers and case packers all the way to complete packaging lines.

Of interest to snack and confectionery manufacturers are the packaging lines developed in which products are fed via several side conveyor belts so that manufacturers can handle the packaging of different product variants at the same time. This includes a wide range of assortment configurations, such as biscuit packs or a selection of savoury snacks.

The company will also be showcasing the results of its Mission Blue Sustainability Initiative, designed to drive greater sustainability in packaging. Visitors to ProSweets will be able to see two sustainable packaging concepts: Dotlock, a technology that enables carton packaging to be achieved without the use of glue, and a carton-monofilm hybrid solution, also without glue.

“The snack and confectionery industry is in a very challenging situation due to huge cost pressures, such as increased raw material and energy prices as well as inflation,” explained Martin Sauter, Sales Director at Gerhard Schubert. “We are delighted that, with our innovative packaging machines and our wide range of services, we can provide manufacturers with solutions that make their processes leaner, more efficient and more cost-effective.”

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