Ricola unveil new, healthier, caramel option

Swiss herbal confectioners Ricola have launched a new caramel based product to the market, which is their first new flavour of 2018 and is named ‘Herbal Caramel’.

Ricola are hoping to generate a new health-conscious audience by unveiling this product, especially for those who are looking for a natural sweet with a great creamy taste.

The new product is lactose, sugar and gluten free, utilises Stevia plant extract sweeteners, and is also fused with a dash of Swiss Alpine salt.

A delicate creaminess is provided, while there is a unique blend of 13 herbs, which include elder, sage, marshmallow, and cowslip – all of which are grown naturally in the Swiss mountains.

Ricola are hoping that this will be a huge hit among caramel products already established in the market, and believe that the fact it’s free from credentials will go a long way.

“With consumer demand for indulgent sugar free confectionery showing strong growth, we’re confident that Herbal Caramel will attract many new customers to Ricola and will be a powerful addition to the sugar free confectionery category,” said Rebecca Collison, Brand Marketing Manager for Ricola UK.

Ricola Herbal Caramel sugar free sweets are available in convenient click-shut boxes, perfect as snacks and to keep in your purse, backpack, or pocket. They can be found in all good health food stores and independent pharmacies all over the country, starting with early February at the price of £1.35.

Ricola sweets are renowned for their flavours and healthy properties, with their full sugar free range including: The Original, Fresh Mountain Mint, Delicious Elderflower, Refreshing Lemon Mint, Scrumptious Orange Mint, Delectable Alpine Sage, Luscious Apple Mint, Bracing Glacier Peppermint, Luxurious Liquorice and Tasty Cranberry.

At only six calories per sweet, Ricola’s range is all packed with natural goodness, using only natural colours and flavours.

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