Product Spotlight: IMA

IMA have gathered their major strengths to create a cluster of companies with a view to help key players in the chocolate and confectionery sector towards new goals and better business

Whatever your specialty or your specific objective, IMA can provide turnkey solutions based on decades of experience and home-grown technologies which will transform your ideas into reality. 

A team of international sales staff with in-depth knowledge of your sector and a strong technical background in processing and packaging are at your disposal to deliver the solution you require. 

From tableting and coating to filling and capping, wrapping and cartoning, right up to end-of-line requirements, IMA has the most flexible answers for each step of the process. 

Here’s just an example of a complete line for overwrapped cartons of confectionery products in tray display processing up to 300 cartons and up to 25 trays per minute.  

FTC517 – FTC Series, vertical dosing and filling machines  

The FTC Series range provides medium to high-speed processing capabilities and manages both cardboard and rigid container types. Bottles, cartons, tins and jars that are cylindrical, square or irregularly shaped. In addition to the modular design which copes with so many different packaging types and shapes, the FTC Series can be fitted with intelligent loading systems that are fully automatic and minimise operator intervention. Switching from one packaging size to another or changing the packaging arrangement are easily implemented to increase production flexibility. 

FTO513 – High-speed overwrapping machine 

IMA Gima FTO513 Series are high-speed overwrapping machines for single and multiple products.  

Also available as a model which allows for airtight sealing, the FTO513 Fin Seal is the ideal solution for products that are sensitive to humidity since this kind of seal will provide excellent moisture resistance and help extend the products’ overall shelf life. 

FT0513 Series are suitable to run with innovative materials like transparent heat-sealable compostable films or paper based recyclable films, heat-sealable and printable, to realise sustainable packs. 

FTB514 – FTB WA Series, wrap-around tray packers. 

There are so many ways to conceive display packaging that it helps to have a single answer to the variety of demands. This is why we developed the FTB WA Series wraparound tray packers, to give markets the most versatile solution. Whatever the products are, processing from flat blanks, even in cardboard and micro-corrugated materials, this series offers gentle product handling, packaging precision and a user-friendly concept. 

A wide range of end-of-line solutions is available to meet any production and distribution needs...

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