Product Spotlight: IMA Group

Extensive experience in the confectionery industry with the technologies and packaging expertise of the IMA Group, has enabled the engineers who developed the FTC Series to create the most effective range of machines 

Packaging variety, time-to-market and sustainability are just three major aspects that impact the confectionery industry today. This is why IMA dedicates resources to designing and developing the most versatile machinery available, also supporting customers eager to adopt new packaging solutions, enhance their production efficiency and adapt fast to the market as it evolves. 

An intelligent concept for maximum versatility  

Modular solutions tailored to specific requirements are always an option with IMA. The FTC Series vertical dosing and filling machines can be configured to suit any scenario, fitting into complete lines ensuring automatic loading of the selected packaging, product infeed, followed by downstream end-of-line tasks such as overwrapping and palletizing.  

The full FTC Series range provides medium to high-speed processing capabilities and manages both cardboard and rigid container types. Bottles, cartons, tins and jars that are cylindrical, square or irregularly shaped. In addition to the modular design which copes with so many different packaging types and shapes, the FTC Series can be fitted with intelligent loading systems that are fully automatic and minimise operator intervention. Switching from one packaging size to another or changing the packaging arrangement are easily implemented to increase production flexibility. 

Automatic feeding solutions 

Carefully designed feeding units process anything from hard and soft candies, dragées, mints and gums to sugar coated sweets and more. The units ensure delicate handling even at high speeds. Units include: 

  • Slat counting systems 
  • Volumetric filing systems 
  • Multihead weighing systems 
  • Electronic counting systems 
  • Powder feeding units 
  • Special feeding units

Move with your market 

Maximum uptime is a key factor and when format changes and small production runs become more frequent in today’s market, a solution which enables fast changeover procedures and minimum cleaning times is a must. Supported by servo-assisted PC panel recipes, the changeover routine is simple and operator-friendly, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. The FTC Series machines are ideal when a company often needs to change packaging size and closure as changeover procedures are quick and simple. Built to enable easy access, cleaning operations are also quick and convenient. 

Turnkey solutions and synergies 

IMA supplies a host of solutions for many industries and each sector, in this case the confectionery industry, will benefit from the synergies running within the group, making IMA a one-stop supplier of integrated turnkey solutions, characterised by the right level of performance, the efficiency of the machines and the broader vision, something which is only possible when dealing with a supplier who understands all the issues from the start to the end of the line...

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