Plant-based sugar will help with reduction

Canadian-based agtech company Crush Dynamics is excited to announce the development of an ingredient which is said by the company to allow for sugar reduction in chocolate applications. The announcement came on Valentine’s Day, a commercial holiday which oversees over US$1 billion worth of chocolate and over 36 million heart shaped boxes sold every year.

The plant-based solution, which is said to be responsible for 30-50% sugar reduction, delivers a smooth texture and well-rounded sweetness and appears on labels as ‘grape puree’.

The ingredient was developed using a patented fermentation process on grape derivatives and allows food manufacturers to reduce sugar and sodium while enhancing flavour and increasing shelf-life across many different food and beverage applications.

Overall trends in the confectionery sector have reflected increased consumer desire for reduced sugar solutions – a survey released by Innova Market Insights in 2020 showed that four in 10 consumers said to have decreased their sugar consumption over the year. In another report released by the market research company in 2021, demand for plant-based products also involved sugar, as natural sweeteners such as stevia and fruit sugar offerings became more desirable.

Crush Dynamics also recently received funding from Natural Products Canada, as it supports $4.3 million in commercialisation activities for seven companies including Crush Dynamics, which received $250,000 to develop and scale up the solution.

“This group of innovators demonstrates the expansive range of food, nutrition, and agriculture solutions that can be addressed through bio-based technologies,” said Shelley King, CEO, Natural Products Canada. “The products range from biostimulants that support crop yields for Canadian farmers, to powerful new natural health formulas that can bring hope to those suffering from dementia and stroke.”

Crush Dynamics will be attending the Future Food Tech Summit in San Francisco on 16-17 March with Purdys Chocolatier, a large-scale and well-known chocolate producer in Canada. They will be showcasing chocolate samples that demonstrate the sugar reduction and flavour enhancement. The annual event brings together changemakers in the global food and beverage industry.

“We see innovations like Crush Dynamics as a key part of the toolbox with an ability to revolutionize the chocolate industry, reducing sugar while adding nutrition through antioxidant and polyphenol-rich ingredients,” said Rachel McKinley, Purdys Master Chocolatier.

Crush Dynamics and Purdys Chocolatier are continuing to collaborate on new confectionery projects.

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