Over 33,000 Peppermint ‘ShAero’ bars are up for grabs

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Aero, the beloved confectionery brand under Nestlé’s umbrella, has kicked off a thrilling promotion in the UK, offering consumers a chance to win over 33,000 sharing bars of its popular peppermint variety.

Chocolate enthusiasts across the nation are in for a treat as Aero unveils its latest major pack promotion. To partake in this sweet opportunity, aficionados simply need to scan the QR code found on the back of the promotional packaging. Upon visiting the designated website, participants will be prompted to enter their details along with the last four digits of their pack barcode. Instant gratification awaits as they discover if they’ve snagged a winning ticket.

The promotion, launched this week, will be open until the 21st of July. Aero, which originated in the UK during the 1930s and was born in York, has garnered a devoted following over the decades, captivating approximately nine million consumers annually.

Confectionery Production has previously delved into Nestlé’s Yorkshire site, a hub for flagship KitKat production. Despite prevailing market challenges, KitKat continues to boast robust retail sales.

Michael Kehoe, Aero’s Assistant Brand Manager, expressed enthusiasm for the promotion, stating, “This is our biggest promotion yet, with plenty of Aero chocolate up for grabs and to be shared. We wanted to cultivate a sense of togetherness and encourage people to ‘ShAero’ their Aero. Winners will receive their prizes elegantly packaged in gift boxes, accompanied by a customizable card.”

Under the banner of the “ShAero” campaign, various Aero products including Melts, Bubbles, and sharing bars will be adorned with limited edition pack designs featuring special phrases. Twenty different messages grace the participating packs, ranging from heartfelt sentiments like ‘because I’m proud of you’ to playful quips such as ‘because you’re incredi-bubble’.

This latest promotion follows hot on the heels of Aero’s 2024 headline-grabbing move: the launch of Aero Choco-Hazelnut. Shoppers lauded the new variant as a ‘game-changer’ and ‘pure indulgence’.


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