OMRON unveils the VT-X850

OMRON, a global leader in automation technology, has introduced the VT-X850, an advanced 3D Computed Tomography Automatic X-ray Inspection (3D CT AXI) solution. Designed to meet the rigorous inspection requirements of the electric vehicle (EV) and electronics manufacturing industries, the VT-X850 represents a significant leap forward in inspection technology.

Addressing the challenges of inspecting large, intricate, and dense materials, the VT-X850 combines innovative design with state-of-the-art technology. It features a high-voltage X-ray tube and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to ensure speed, accuracy, and user-friendliness. This new solution enhances the inspection process of assembly modules, with a particular focus on barrel fill of connectors and power devices, and is adept at detecting voids or insufficient solder.

“Our goal was to develop a solution that not only tackles technical challenges but also empowers professionals at all levels to perform efficient and effective inspections,” said Kevin Youngs, Sales Manager EMEA – Inspection Systems Division at OMRON Europe. “The VT-X850 highlights OMRON’s dedication to driving innovation that merges technological sophistication with user accessibility.”


The VT-X850 features a pull-out structure for easy maintenance and replacement of the X-ray tube with a hand lifter. This unit is specifically designed to address the growing demands of inspecting complex and hard materials, particularly within the expanding EV market.

“As the EV market continues to expand, the need for precise, efficient, and user-friendly inspection solutions becomes critical,” added Kevin Youngs. “The VT-X850 is ideal for manufacturers striving for impeccable quality control while managing the complexities of diverse materials and components.”


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