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Automating the cooking process for soft and hard candies can help confection crafters to standardise the taste and look of treats, writes Managing Editor Rebecca Spayne 

In recent years, the confectionery industry has witnessed a significant shift towards automating the production process of both hard and soft candies. This transition has been driven by several factors, including the need for increased efficiency, consistency in quality and meeting growing consumer demands. 

One of the key innovations in this realm is the development of advanced machinery and robotic systems specifically designed for candy production. These machines are capable of performing various tasks such as mixing ingredients, shaping candies and packaging finished products with minimal human intervention. There are also innovations in the cooking sector that can improve the overall production of confectionery.  

By implementing automation, candy manufacturers can standardise the production process, ensuring that each batch meets the same high-quality standards. This standardisation is crucial for maintaining consistency in taste, texture and appearance, which are all essential factors in consumer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Automation also allows for greater precision and control over the production process, leading to reduced waste and increased productivity. With automated systems in place, manufacturers can also easily scale up production to meet fluctuating demand without compromising on quality. 

When it comes to hard and soft candies, manufacturers have different requirements – no singular machine has been invented (yet) that can do all the automating for them. The cooking process is perhaps the most essential – and risky – part of confectionery, with factors like ingredient measuring, temperature control, timing and humidity all affecting the final product. Standardising and managing the cooking process, therefore, is one of the most integral and important parts of confectionery production. The best way to do this is automation.  


Let’s get cooking – meet the robots 

The confectionery industry has undergone a profound transformation thanks to the integration of automated robots, particularly in the realm of candy production. These sophisticated machines have become integral to the manufacturing process, whether it’s crafting hard candies like lollipops or soft treats like gummies. 

For hard candies, intricate machinery takes on a range of tasks, including mixing the ingredients, precisely controlling the heating and cooling of the syrup, shaping the candies into desired forms, and even packaging the final products. Equipped with advanced sensors and programming, these robots ensure consistency in taste, texture, and appearance batch after batch. Their ability to handle large volumes of production without compromising quality makes them indispensable in large-scale candy manufacturing facilities. 

Soft candies, such as gummies, require a different approach. Here, robots are tasked with precise blending of gelatine, sugar, flavourings, and colourings before moulding them into various shapes. These machines handle tasks such as mixing the ingredients, pouring the mixture into moulds, and demoulding the finished candies. Their precision guarantees uniformity in size, shape, and texture, ensuring a consistently delightful candy experience for consumers. 

In today’s manufacturing landscape, candy-making robots are often integrated into larger automated production lines, working in harmony with other machines to maximise efficiency and minimise downtime. This seamless integration enables manufacturers to keep pace with the demands of a rapidly growing market while upholding rigorous standards of quality control. Moreover, the use of robotics enhances workplace safety by reducing the need for manual labour in potentially hazardous tasks, such as working with hot syrups or heavy machinery. 


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