New flavour of chocolate named Ruby invented by Swiss chocolate giant Barry Callebaut


A brand new flavour of chocolate has been invented by Swiss scientists called Ruby, and is the first new type of chocolate since the 1930s, when white chocolate was first created, ironically in Switzerland.

The new chocolate was unveiled in China on the 5th September and is named after its red hue. Ruby itself contains a special Ruby Cocoa bean and despite no colour or extra berry extracts being added to the mix, it tastes like berries,

Ruby is only the fourth form of chocolate ever created, joining the existing types of milk, white and dark chocolate.

Barry Callebaut created the new chocolate, and it was launched to a panel of chocolate experts in Shanghai, China.

Belgium and France have had scientists spending decades working out how to utilise the Ruby Cocoa Bean until now, and the new chocolate is expected to fare very well with millennials looking for a new snack.

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