Mondelēz releases 2023 State of Snacking report

Mondelēz International has launched its 2023 State of Snacking report, a global survey that examines the role that snacking plays in consumers’ daily lives. The survey involved more than 3600 participants across 12 countries including Australia. In its fifth year, the report provides a snapshot into the evolving role snacking plays in daily routines and meeting more adventurous and purposeful consumer mindsets.

Developed in partnership with The Harris Poll, this report was initially launched five years ago in support of Mondelēz’s mission to lead the future of snacking. The past half-decade of tracking attitudes and behaviours among thousands of consumers across 12 countries has shown a consistent trendline of consumers demonstrating a preference for snacks over meals.

The report sheds light on snacking as a growing behaviour worldwide with more people moving away from three main meals per day in favour of snacks. Nearly 9 in 10 global consumers report they snack daily (88%), particularly Gen Z and millennials, while six in 10 adults say they prefer to eat many small meals throughout the day as opposed to a few larger ones.

More than 90% of Gen Z and millennials snack once or more a day, over two thirds (68%) snack at least two times a day and one in three (33%) have three or more snacks a day. Younger consumers especially lean into snacks to unplug and take their mind off the issues of the world, according to 68% of millennials and 65% of Gen Z.

“The trend lines of the past half-decade of our State of Snacking report reinforce that despite a continued dynamic environment and changing preferences, snacking remains an integral pillar in the lives of global consumers,” said Dirk Van de Put, Chairman and CEO of Mondelēz International. “As a more intentional consumer evolves, embracing mindful snacking, we continue to help empower them with choices across our brands as we aim to become a global snack leader.”

Portion size is a key ingredient for mindful indulgence as consumers look to meet a variety of snacking needs. Almost two thirds of Australian consumers say they look for snacks that are portion controlled (65%, up 12% from 2019) while younger generations have increased their preference for portion-controlled snacks by 16% over five years (47% in 2023 up from 31% in 2019). Consumers report regularly consuming snacks to meet a variety of health needs such as boosting energy (74%), improving mood (68%), and aligning with fitness goals (62%).

Snacking has a positive emotional effect too. A strong majority say they regularly savour a snack’s taste, flavour, and texture when they consume (83%). Moreover, three in four Australians report that they appreciate their snacks more when consumed mindfully (74%) while two thirds report that they would rather have a smaller portion of an indulgent snack than a bigger portion of a low fat/sugar alternative version (66%).

“At the core of the shifts we have observed in State of Snacking, is a consumer who is increasingly involved, intentional, and enthusiastic in their snacking choices. From mindful consumption to curated shopping experiences, they are paying more attention to the snacks they eat, and how those bites make them feel,” said Ben Wicks, VP Marketing Australia and New Zealand, Mondelēz International.

“As speedy snackers, Australians prioritise convenience over all else. Consumers are also more conscious that nutrition needs are not one-size-fits-all and are instead seeking more personal solutions that suit their busy lifestyles. As well as meeting practical wellbeing needs, snacks continue to be a source of fun, surprise, and delight.”

“We have seen that snacking has helped consumers navigate the last five years,” concluded Martin Renaud, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer at Mondelēz International. “At Mondelēz International, we continue to work towards meeting the rising demand for more sustainable snacking options and mindful snacking, as the category remains a consistent daily ritual.”

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