Loynds redesigns drop roller machine

UK-based manufacturer Loynds has updated its drop roller systems due to consumer demand, according to the company.

The drop roller machine is well suited for low volume artisan candy manufacturers or for recipe development in laboratories. The rollers the machine is equipped with are designed to be interchangeable, to provide the candy manufacturer the opportunity to create a variety of shapes.

The Drop Roller Candy Machines prove a low-cost solution to produce die-farmed hard candy sweets. The machine in question can be used to produce single-colour candies, but also two-colour layered candies. A pair of brass rollers with the design engraved in them works to form a ribbon of candy into the desired shape.

The formed candy is then left to cool before the sweets can be broken up, sieved and then further processed or packaged. The brass rollers can be engraved into various shapes to meet the manufacturers’ needs, including ovals, rounds, balls, oblongs, pears, lemons, flat drops or other shapes.

Bar products can also be made using specially designed rollers, and further machines can be added to create a more automated process.

According to the company, the machine has become one of their most popular: “The Candy Drop Roller has become one of our most popular machines next to the mini candy depositing machine, for use in the production of hard candies, sugar free lozenges and candies infused with THC & CBD in the USA,” the company explained.

After redesigning the machine, the company said, it no longer requires tools or variable speed. The roller dies can be changed to different designs in less than two minutes during production and creates easy access for cleaning purposes.

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