Jealous Sweets launches new berry foams and juice foams

Jealous Sweets launches new berry foams and juice foams

Jealous Sweets has announced the launch of a new and shamelessly tasty, sweet format; Foams. The Foams range of sweets are gluten free and plant-based and come in two variants: Berry Foams and Juicy Foams available in 125g sharing bags.

Foams carry a sophisticated flavour palate which allows people to experience waves of fruit flavour in a delicate and intense chew. Jealous Sweets has said Foams provide a soft mouthfeel that is both mouth-watering while delivering a powerful fruit punch. The texture is moorish and filled deliciously with clever micro-bubbles that retain flavour giving long-lasting length and fruit sensation. Ditching gelatin for pectin creates a smooth, soft sweet with no nasties, the company has said.

Imran Merza, Co-Founder and Chief Candy Magician, said: “Our mission is to make life sweeter for our customers, retailers, animals and the planet. I am delighted that the new Foams range delivers a consistent, high-quality, sophisticated taste profile while maintaining zero toxins, no animal derivatives, and using ethically sourced premium ingredients. We’re dedicated to creating products that are plant based, gluten free, real fruit juices, no palm oil, no synthetic flavours, no artificial colours.”

The new range comprises:

Berry Foams

Strawberry, cherry and blackberry

125g sharing bag RRP £2

Gluten-free, plant-based yumminess with no nasties. Warm, berry fruits with a soft chewy texture