interpack exhibitor profile: Hans Brunner

At interpack, Hans Brunner – experts in manufacturing moulds for chocolates, lollies and hollow figures – will be demonstrating how good project planning works 

Hans Brunner GmbH is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of moulds for chocolates, bars, lollies and hollow figures. Since 1935 international confectionery companies, mid-sized chocolatiers and patisseries have been using our moulds to develop their ideas into successful chocolate products. But how does it work in this quality?  

Initially Brunner uses sketches to show options of how the customer idea is turned into a chocolate. After customer’s selection, Brunner provides 3D drawings to check the volume, dimensions and design. After receiving approval of the 3D sketch, a single cavity sample (prototype) is produced. With this single cavity sample made of high-quality polycarbonate, perfect chocolate prototypes can be produced and checked.  

The customer’s approval of the chocolate design and the details of the final moulds is the start of the toolmaking process. The high degree of automation in our toolmaking guarantees repeatable die production, so that one item looks exactly like the other. The other tool components are also perfectly designed to assure a smooth mould design for a long product life cycle of the moulds.  

As soon as the mould tool has been completed, a sample mould is produced by specially equipped injection moulding machines or thermopress systems. After the approval of these sample moulds the complete set of the mould will be manufactured. Since every stage of the process takes place at Brunners locations, fine-tuning can be carried out efficiently, which is one of the reasons why you can always trust Brunner to reach the agreed supply deadlines. Our high degree of automation and the flexibility of the Brunner team are also reasons for our extremely good reliability. 

Something new has started in 2023: Brunner has installed its own fabric for the recycling of moulds. Making use of new options by EU regulations and the investment in the latest separation, grinding and laboratory technology from Brunner offers different options: 

  1. Internal production scrap (mainly from thermopressing) can be used for the production of new injected moulds. This will be done for catalogue moulds and upon customer request for environmentally friendly privately designed moulds. 
  2. Moulds that are replaced by new ones will be taken back from customers. Customers can then carry out waste disposal in an environmentally friendly way. After mutual agreement, Brunner accepts cleaned moulds and does the separation, grinding and laboratory testing. Most parts of the moulds can then be re-used in other high-level industrial applications (plastics not for food contact). 
  3. The future option is the “M2M” concept. It means “Mould to Mould”. Brunner is currently carrying out a supported research project to make this possible. The concept is a closed material loop between Brunner and individual customers. Moulds that are replaced can be used for new moulds for the same customers. Brunner makes sure that these new moulds also have the same well-known Brunner quality. This saves up to 80% of the carbon emissions compared to the use of new polycarbonate. All the details and legal requirements are sorted out and the plan is set to start in late 2023. 

Join us at interpack2023 to find out more.  

Hall 3 Stand 3E92 

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