Indian summer comes to Grand Trunk Road restaurant

Chef Sharma of the Grand Trunk Road restaurant is launching a set of tantalising and delightfully different ice cream flavours set to astonish diners.

Flavours from India, Afghanistan and Pakistan have inspired the ice cream flavours, which are far more exciting  than any you are likely to find at your local ice cream parlour. A world away from the vanilla by name, vanilla by nature or bog-standard chocolate, the new flavours devised by Chef Sharma for his diners enjoyment include:

Rose Petal & Avocado 

Amazingly creamy and makes for a gorgeously thick ice cream that is surprisingly light, the addition of rose-petal extract gives this amazing ice cream a fun ‘Grand Trunk Road’ twist that avocado-obsessed millennials can’t get enough of..

Lime & Thyme Sorbet

The ultimate taste of Summer, this sorbet is zingy and refreshing, combining sweet lime and earthy, minty tones of thyme. An unexpected combination, but one that works incredibly well. The ultimate palate cleanser.

Coconut & Pineapple Ice Cream

Perfect for those who like Pina Coladas, this ice cream is inspired by flavours that are popular in Indian desserts. The result is a fruity, fresh and creamy treat. Due to the natural ingredients, the ice cream feels indulgent yet light, which is ideal after a dinner comprising of many courses.


These alternative, pioneering flavours are dreamed up by Chef Sharma, who loves to experiment with spices, ingredients and recipes from the Grand Trunk Road to create delicious new dishes to delight diners with. He often travels back to the Grand Trunk Road to seek inspiration and is constantly working on new dishes for the restaurant.

These new ice cream flavours are a welcome addition to Chef Sharma’s popular dessert menu which include: blood orange, clementine, coconut and pineapple, lime and thyme and rose petal and avocado, all of which are packed with a taste of summer and the essence of the Grand Trunk Road.

Chef Sharma, Head Chef at Grand Trunk Road, said: “The food I create and serve at the Grand Trunk Road restaurant has roots in regions along the Grand Trunk Road itself, and we did not want that inspiration and commitment to the authentic flavours of India to stop with the savoury dishes we offer.

“I pride myself on always pushing myself to create striking and unexpected items for the menu, and love pairing unusual ingredients to create a beautifully harmonic end result. These are the principles I used when creating our ice cream and sorbet offering and I cannot wait for diners to try these new and amazing flavours that have been made with and Indian aromas at the heart.”

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