HI-CHEW Infrusions Orchard Mix is the Juiciest Chew Yet

HI-CHEW, the immensely fruity, intensely chewy candy is elevating its beloved chewlets with HI-CHEWTM Infrusions Orchard Mix, a new premium delicious experience infused with pockets of flavor, featuring three fruity offerings: Juicy Blood Orange, Juicy Peach and Juicy Strawberry.

HI-CHEWTM is bringing innovation to the forefront yet again with Infrusions, redefining their chewlets to create the juiciest chews yet. While maintaining HI-CHEW’s signature texture, Infrusions adds more juiciness with infused concentrated apple puree and pieces of pectin jelly to mimic adored, true-to-life, fruity flavors. The signature double layer is double packed with pockets of HI-CHEWTM  goodness that fans can’t get enough of. Each chewlet in the Infrusions Orchard Mix provides a vibrant explosion with each bite, leaving consumers craving the juicy new taste. This fresh, more intense flavor journey features three enhanced fruit offerings. These new additions to HI-CHEW’s tasty portfolio add a mouthwatering experience for every palate to enjoy.

  • Juicy Blood Orange balances the subtly sweet and tangy flavors of the beloved fruit with the vibrant burst of color
  • Juicy Peach mimics the experience of biting into a fresh peach straight off the tree: juicy and delicious
  • Juicy Strawberry transports you into a strawberry field through the taste and texture of this true-to-fruit chewlet

“We’re eager to introduce a new texture experience to HI-CHEWTM  brand fans with our Infrusions Orchard Mix,” said Teruhiro Kawabe (Terry), President and Chief Executive Officer of Morinaga America, Inc. “While staying true to our fruit-forward affinity and adding in the bursts of flavor, Infrusions provides the perfect blend of chewiness and juiciness we’ve been aiming to achieve through our continued innovation.”

Since launching in 1975, Morinaga America Inc. has been dedicated to bringing authentic fruity confections to fans across the country. Now with Infrusions, the chewlets become a new experience that reimagines how HI-CHEWTM  is enjoyed. Infrusions was rated as a Superstar Innovation in Nielsen research, where it showed strong trial interest, relevance, and uniqueness, proving its potential to disrupt the category. According to Nielsen, only 5% of tested products rate as a Superstar Innovation, truly making Infrusions a standout product.

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