Hershey to showcase solutions that drive trips and increase sales


Hershey invests in insights for improving conversion on instant consumables

The Hershey Company, will be celebrating 125 years as a category management and snacking leader, and will showcase new insights and investments to increase sales of instant consumables to more than 23,500 convenience store (c-store) retailers.

There will also be an opportunity to discover how Hershey is driving trips and conversion for instant consumables through emerging media channels, cross-merchandising solutions, new product offerings and actionable shopper insights.

In December, Hershey will be rolling out a White with Whole Almonds bar, which features a smooth white creme packed with whole roasted California almonds. This latest innovation from Hershey will give consumers the perfect sweet and crunchy treat.

For the first time in almost a decade, a new year-round KIT KAT flavour will be coming to the US and available nationwide in December 2019. The new KIT KAT Duos Mint + Dark Chocolate bar, will feature a mashup of two iconic flavours – mint crème on the top and dark chocolate on the bottom, all surrounding light and crispy wafers.

Foodservice occasion-based bundles
In US c-stores, five billion foodservice snacks and meals are sold annually and bundling these items together presents c-store retailers with another opportunity to increase basket size and drive trips among shoppers. The natural affinity presents an opportunity for Hershey and c-store retailers to create new sales.

Ben Stoffel, Senior Director of US Convenience Sales, said: “Given Hershey’s proven success with cross-merchandising hot and cold beverages with confectionery items like KIT KAT and Reese’s in the past, we’re investing in insights around cross-merchandising solutions to boost foodservice sales for our retail partners and create a seamless experience for shoppers.”

Emerging media channels
The company is investing media in data-driven platforms that utilise geo-based targeting and audio programs to drive trip frequency and instant consumables sales among shoppers.

Charlie Chappell, Head of Media and Communications Planning, said: “As consumers change the way they shop, they also change the way they consume media and we must respond accordingly. We’re developing an agile approach to media across platforms so we can target not only regular c-store customers, but also take a geo-based approach to target consumers on mobile devices when they are near a store location.”

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