GELITA invites you to discover the potential of collagen proteins

GELITA will return to FoodPro on 25-28 July 2021 in Sydney to showcase the properties of gelatin and collagen peptides for the food and health and nutrition industries.

Although gelatine is typically associated with gummies or other confectionery due to its irreplaceable thermo-reversible gelling behaviour – the true potential of this amazing hydrocolloid goes way beyond this expected application. A must-have ingredient used in countless food applications, GELITA Gelatine has many functional properties which cannot be mimicked. It is an excellent binding, gelling and whipping agent; emulsifier and  stabilizer; and, perfect film and foam former. It creates perfect textures, provides one-of-a-kind mouthfeel, enhances flavor release and more! And, as a pure protein – boosts a food’s nutritional profile, contributes to clean labeling and features no allergenic potential. 

Beside the food industry also chefs and cooking enthusiasts rely on gelatin for their creations. GELITA’s Davis brand comprising leaf or powder gelatins is the first choice for them.


With their special nutritional and technological properties, GELITA  said its BCP (Bioactive Collagen Peptides) are enjoying increasing popularity in the food and dietary supplements market. At FoodPro, GELITA’s nutritional experts plan to inform visitors about several new scientific studies, for example with regards to Sports Nutrition, Healthy Aging, Beauty from Within and – brand new: Immune Health. 



Image credit: Gelita
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