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FI Europe have excitedly announced the go ahead from Frankfurt City officials to hold the acclaimed FI Europe in Messe Frankfurt. This event will allow the industry to unite and will also allow for greater business connections to occur between varying companies within the sector. The online event will take place from the 22nd of November until the 2 December 2021, and anyone from anywhere who is interested in the industry can attend. The online side of things provides attendees the chance to look for suppliers, engage with others through video calls or messaging, or source their desired ingredients. It will also allow people to access content live and on demand. The actual in-person event will take place from 30th November until the 2 December 2021 in Germany. This will allow attendees to see all the products and see the latest developments that have occurred within each company since the pandemic began. You can find all the information about travel, hotels, and opening times for FI Europe 2021 on their website at Fi Europe ( . 

The event is a mixture of online and in person interactions, allowing for a much larger platform to occur. The events that will take place are, namely exhibitions, tours, speakers, presentations, product showcases, and many more exciting aspects. The mixture of the online and in person response will allow people to connect with the local and international industry community, providing the latest insights and developments. FIE Europe believe that this hybrid approach may be the future when it comes to event attendance, as they believe it will allow more time to grow your network as you are given 10 days to participate in the event. You are also provided more flexibility with the online platform as you can return online and rewatch content, making it more beneficial to obtain and learn all the information that is being offered to attendees. And most importantly it allows people to save money on travel costs whilst taking full advantage of the online platforms, leading to less hassle.  

There is a plethora of exhibitors expected to attend the event such 1-2 Taste, GNT and new exhibitors like Castle Dairy© and the Malaysian Cocoa Board will be displaying their new products and innovations that they have added to the industry. There is an expected 800+ exhibitors, 17,000 attendees both online and in person and over 135 countries represented – allowing a broad global scope of the industry a platform to showcase the developments they believe will be integral to the community. It is considered integral to the FIE Europe promoters that people in confectionery exhibit as it is one of the best places for individuals to network and understand the sector more.

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