Demand for freeze dried candy is up, says Sow Good

Sow Good is happy to share that its newly launched freeze dried candy line has performed exceptionally well, with sales already exceeding US$1 million. Surpassing projected growth and demand trajectories, Sow Good has firmly established itself in the freeze dried candy market.

The response to Sow Good’s freeze dried candy has necessitated significant expansions to meet production demands, the company has said, as it has increased its headcount by 40%, ensuring an efficient manufacturing and order fulfillment process.

In addition, Sow Good has exciting plans for the remainder of 2023, including the expansion of its freeze dryer production capacity and addition of a 12,000 square foot warehouse in Irving, TX to accommodate its growing distribution footprint.

“We have signed a lease for a new warehouse and will be moving distribution to that location within the next 60 days. This expansion, driven by the rapid influx of both first time orders and re-orders, will streamline our operations and maximize manufacturing efficiency,” commented Ira Goldfarb, Executive Chairman, Sow Good.

In addition to these expansion efforts, Sow Good is delighted to announce its partnerships with major retailers, further solidifying its market presence. The company will be launching a range of its freeze dried candy SKUs in US-based retailers including FYE, Big Lots, and Hy-Vee, bringing its innovative and unique products to a wider audience.

“We are thrilled with the overwhelming response we have received thus far. Our commitment to disrupting the candy industry with fun, innovative, and exceptional products is resonating with consumers and retailers alike,” said Claudia Goldfarb, CEO of Sow Good. “Building on this success, we are excited to unveil our new 5-SKU freeze dried ice cream sandwich line in Q3, which has already garnered significant interest from our retail partners.

“Our ever-growing team is vital to our ability to meet customer demand. I take pride in the majority of our employees being Hispanic and female—as we continue to grow, we will continue fostering growth in our communities through meaningful employment opportunities. This remains one of our core pillars in Sow Good’s mission to sow seeds of positive change.”

Sow Good’s successful freeze dried candy launch demonstrates that freeze dried candy is a growing category with stay power and the company is well-positioned to lead this growth with innovation and agile manufacturing.

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