Confectionery, plant-based and halal goods

With the rise of plant-based and halal products, this exclusive issue wishes to assess the alternative halal and plant-based products hitting the confectionery market.

In recent years there has been a recent rise in the number of consumers who are searching for alternative products. Many are aware of how sustainability has impacted on consumers’ desires to eat more plant-based products. Whether that is to have a more ethical lifestyle or promote environmental safety, nonetheless the trend is arising at a fast pace. On top of this, another growing trend that has been noted is the rise in halal or kosher based products growing in popularity due to companies expanding their horizons. With that being said, it is time to assess the types of alternative ingredients and products, namely halal and plant-based goods entering the market and why these products are becoming so prevalent.  

What are alternative products? 

In the food industry, alternative ingredients and products can have a plethora of meanings. The alternative part to a product can have many different purposes. But in simple terms, an alternative ingredient or product is something that provides greater options and variety to a consumer. Ideally, this is an ingredient or product that is not considered “commonly consumed” or “the normal product.” For example, alternative food products may have various health benefits that make it alter from the original product. 

Other alternative products which many consumers are aware of are products such as alternative milks, like oat milk and coconut milk. Dependent on individuals’ lifestyles, alternative products are a necessity. In the past, when food was much scarcer, individuals would eat what they could get, meaning that the seeming luxury of being able to be meticulous with how individuals eat was not truly a feasible option. Of course, this concept of alternative ingredients as a luxury does not apply to individuals who are of the Islamic faith as the halal diet has been practised for centuries – this concept links to those who are health conscious or environmentally conscious. Nonetheless, as individuals have become more interested in the climate and what type of foods they are digesting – more people are now turning to alternative products. This can be due to the fact that in recent years, young people especially have become more political and with the rise of the internet and greater capabilities to learn what is in certain products, more individuals are questioning what type of foods they should eat. Therefore, social awareness has led to the rise of alternative foods. In turn, alternative food provides a sense of Food Security, meaning that the food market provides a sense of reliability, quantity, affordability and most importantly nutritious foods. Now, let’s establish what halal and plant-based foods are and why they have become so popular or more commonly sold. 

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