Confectionery fillings market

The confectionery fillings market is projected to exceed US$150 billion by 2030 according to a new report by Global Market Insights. Fruit and non-fruit based confectionery fillings are gaining popularity among consumers looking for healthy confectionery products.

New trends in the fast-food sector have accelerated the use of different fillings like peanut butter jelly and chocolate spreads in confectionery products. Hazelnut flavours and fillings have grown popular among chocolates and other popular offerings.

Rising consumer demand for nut-flavoured products has encouraged confectionery brands to develop new fillings consisting of almonds, pistachios and other nuts. In December last year, Lindt introduced a new range of Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffles with pistachio filling.

Retailers and consumers are inclining towards premium sugar confectioneries such as hard candies, fondants, creams, toffee, caramel and pastes. A rise in the sales of sugar candy across the US and Canada will offer opportunities for sugar confectionery brands in the coming years. According to the Nati0onal Confectioners Association (NCA) in 2021, around US$36.9 billion was recorded from candy sales in retail, book stores, airports and vending machines in the US.

Nut-based confectionery fillings market share will be over US$40 billion by 2030 according to the new study. These products are good in manufacturing chocolate and bakery confectioners to offer new tastes for consumers. High demand for nut-based confectioneries and increased access to new products across convenience stores, e-commerce platforms and supermarkets will bolster the industry trends.

Hypermarkets and supermarket distribution channels are expected to emerge as key revenue-generating segments for the global confectionery fillings industry. Supermarkets have recovered considerably after the pandemic as these stores offer a broad range of products under one roof, catering to a variety of consumer needs.

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