Capsoil develops oil-solubles for gummies

Prodalim’s brand Capsoil Foodtech has managed to merge oil-based and lipid-soluble nutrients into gummies. In doing so, the inclusion of soluble liquids will provide gummy producers with new opportunities to offer ingredients such as medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), omega fatty acids, vitamins A D E and K, coenzyme Q-10, carotenoids and lipid-soluble botanicals such as cannabinoids. Capsoil will be showcasing a variety of functional gummies at Supply Side West, 2-3 November 2022.

Globally, the gummy market is expected to be worth US$9.5 billion and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.3%, up to $16.8 billion by 2028. In the US alone, gummies take up to 40% of dietary supplement shelf space.

In response, technical advancements have given gummies a “functional makeover”. This refers to the introduction of pectin-based vegan-friendly products, reducing sugar content (by using alcoholic sugars and fibre technology) and finding ways to incorporate botanicals and nutrients.

Imbuing gummies with botanical oils, terpenes and lipid-based nutrients in high dosages cause challenges due to their lipophilic nature and tendency to exert strong aromas. Capsoil has addressed this by developing a patented platform that can convert any oil into a highly concentrated and stable water-soluble powder.

“Adding oils to gummies is complex. By nature, they don’t assimilate with water and have a tendency to migrate to the surface of the gummy,” explained Itay Shafat, PhD, Scientific Director for Capsoil FoodTech, “Exposing them to risks of oxidation and spoilage, not to mention off flavours. Moreover, until now, oils could only be infused in low quantities since gummies are basically a watery matrix.”

Capsoil’s technology takes an oil compound and converts it to a self-emulsifying powder without using chemicals, solvents or exposure to heat. This process results in a dry, free-flowing powder which dissolves easily in any aqueous matrix. The oil and its bioactive compounds make up 60% of the powder.

“Unlike other powders, which disperse in water, Capsoil powders completely dissolve in water, creating a stable solution that becomes part of the gummy matrix,” added Mr Shafat. “This characteristic lets Capsoil’s powders carry a significantly higher lipid load, turning any oil into an eligible candidate. And not just for gummies but suitable for almost any use in the dietary supplement space.”

Capsoil conducted pilot trials using pomegranate seed oil, 250mg per gummy. Tests of additional key performance parameters including flavour, texture, stability of the actives and bioavailability proved successful.

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