Bühler introduces the Arrakis Roller Mill

Bühler has launched the Arrakis roller mill, a successor to the renowned Airtronic. The Airtronic has been a staple in the milling industry, renowned for its durability and ease of use. The new Arrakis model enhances these attributes, offering improved efficiency, reliability and simplicity.

The Arrakis represents Bühler’s latest advancement in their grinding portfolio. Developed by Bühler’s research and development team, the Arrakis is built around a robust grinding unit, ensuring consistent and stable grinding performance. The patented grinding gap adjustment system enhances rigidity and stability, maximising the mill’s performance over time.

A key feature of the Arrakis is its cast stand, which dampens vibrations from the roller mills, thereby extending the lifespan of the components. The load cell sensor regulates the feeding gap, ensuring a stable product flow across the grinding rolls. Additionally, foreign object protection safeguards the rolls, further enhancing the roller mill’s longevity.

“Airtronic’s durability made it a favourite among millers worldwide,” says Marcel Scherrer, Head of Business Unit Wheat & Rye at Bühler. “We used the Airtronic’s success as a foundation for developing the Arrakis.”

Urs Schwendener, Product Manager in Milling Solutions at Bühler Group, adds, “With Arrakis, we complete our grinding portfolio, offering solutions tailored to our customers’ needs.”

The Arrakis stands out for its user-friendly operation. Its intuitive interface simplifies control and monitoring. With secure remote access, the machine can be operated from various digital devices, including PCs, tablets and smartphones, anywhere within the plant.

Built on the same footprint as its predecessor, the Arrakis allows for straightforward replacement of the Airtronic without requiring complex building adaptations. The fixed speed feeding roll connected to the main roll’s drive creates a streamlined system that is easy to install and maintain. “For customers looking to upgrade their systems, the Arrakis offers a quick and efficient replacement, saving valuable production time,” says Schwendener.

The feeding unit features a cleaning flap for complete product discharge and easy cleaning. Brushless scrapers, which are a significant improvement over traditional brushes, remove grain fragments and enhance food safety. The new patented knife scrapers automatically adjust to the smooth rolls’ surface, maintaining cleanliness without manual adjustments.

“Following such a beloved roller mill as the Airtronic places high expectations on Arrakis,” notes Marcel Scherrer. “Yet, the Arrakis is driving industry advancements and helping our customers stay competitive.”



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