Brewdog teases more info about Tony’s Chocolonely collaboration

Dutch chocolate company Tony’s Chocolonely, dedicated to making slave-free chocolate the norm, have teased a collaboration with leading Scottish multinational brewery and pub chain, BrewDog.

The companies have released a series of posts via social media hinting at a collaboration and the creation of a Tony’s chocolate IPA. BrewDog has said its biggest mission when they set up BrewDog was to make other people as passionate about great craft beer as they are, and that is still their biggest mission today. The company quickly rose to fame with their punchy presence on social media, forward-thinking initiatives to engage its younger customer base in politics and voting, and its announcement last year which saw it launch the first carbon negative beer club.

“As well as helping our team members calculate their carbon footprint we help them track it too and we work with our lead scientific advisor Professor Mike Berners-Lee to give them regular tips on how to reduce their impact on the planet. This all means that we as both as a company and as individuals are having a positive impact on the planet and helping drive the change that our world so badly needs.

“As a company we also remove twice as much carbon as we emit and we are tackling the problem ourselves with our own 2,000 acre BrewDog Forest where we will plant over 1 million trees. You can read more in our sustainability report available here:

“We want to set a new standard for sustainability and be a catalyst for the change that our world so badly needs,” the company stated on its website.

Its sustainability goals are not so different from Tony Chocolonely’s values, where transparency and fairtrade of chocolate sourcing and production is paramount. Tony’s Open Chain is an initiative to collaborate on sourcing cocoa using Tony’s 5 Sourcing Principles to tackle illegal child labour and modern slavery by addressing poverty. The platform has been scaled up to include cocoa butter, enabling all types of chocolate to be produced. A plug-and-play set-up now also allows new mission allies to onboard in just a few months and become sustainability frontrunners by next cocoa season.

The collaboration between BrewDog and Tony’s Chocolonely could see the release of a white chocolate and raspberry milkshake IPA.

James Watt. Brewdog CEO and Co-Founder, stated on his LinkedIn feed: “Honoured to be collaborating with one of our all-time favourite companies Tony’s Chocolonely.

“Their chocolate is incredible & we love their mission to make chocolate 100% slave free.

“We are going to be making a white chocolate & raspberry milkshake IPA.”

Henk Jan Beltman, Tony’s Chocolonely CCO responded: “let’s make headway together. the honor and pleasure is all ours James Watt.”



Image source: BrewDog
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