Belcolade launches white, plant-based couverture

Puratos brand Belcolade have revealed the launch of its Plant-Based White Couverture. Belcolade’s selection white plant-based cacao-trace offers chocolatiers, pâtissiers and other professional chocolate users with more choice than ever before as it further expands the company’s plant-based portfolio, following the recent launch of its milk-alike conterpart.

As a result, Belcolade now offers its customers a comprehensive plant-based chocolate portfolio, dark, milk-alike and white, which carry the Cacao-Trace certification.

According to the brand, the white couverture has a great taste profile and a rich, creamy texture, with the perfect ‘snap’ consumers love, and a clean, white chocolate colour. It is free of coconut, as well as nuts, soy and gluten.

The plant-based market has become more inclusive than ever with vegan, vegetarian and now flexitarian consumers influencing demand. The number of consumers purchasing plant-based products has grown, from 36% in 2018 to 60% according to Taste Tomorrow’s research.

The study also revealed that, while many people embrace the concept of reducing intake of animal-derived foods, one third would not consider buying plant-based options because of factors related to poor taste and texture. After identifying the customer challenge and consumer demand in tandem, Belcolade set out to create a solution that satisfies both parties simultaneously and contributes to the growth of the plant-based chocolate market.

“Our latest innovation is the result of a close collaboration between industry professionals and Belcolade chocolate experts,” said Youri Dumont, SBU Chocolate Director at Puratos. “Creating this unique innovation consisted of trials of more than 50 ingredients in various combinations… Offering customers more choice than ever, it is suitable for pralines, hollow figures, tablets, coatings, mousses, ganaches, dipping and flavouring.”

According to Puratos’ Taste Tomorrow research, much of the plant-based market’s growth can be attributed to consumer perceptions of health and well-being, sustainability, and ethical concerns. Latest data found that 60% of consumers believe plant-based food has a positive impact on the environment, while 56% perceive it to be healthier than animal-based food. The appetite for these products is growing.

Belcolade’s white couverture is Cacao-Trace certified. Cacao-Trace is a sustainable cocoa sourcing program that focuses on premium taste while creating value for all, from cocoa farmers to consumers. It empowers farmers to obtain the highest possible income and to manage their plantations. By purchasing Cacao-Trace-certified ingredients like the couverture, chocolatiers and pâtissiers are ensuring farmers are paid well.

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