Barry Callebaut bring out healthier chocolate option by introducing low-sugar range

Belgian based manufacturer Barry Callebaut have opted to boost their healthier options by making available a range of low-sugar chocolate, which is designed to promote an improved nutritional profile to confectionery, that doesn’t lessen the taste.

Barry Callebaut are making a more increased effort to hone in on the lifestyle choices of the millennial, as well as taking into account health-conscious adults, by limiting sugar intake whilst practising “healthy indulgence”.​

“Nowadays, consumers want to enjoy food without feeling guilty,” ​said Bas Smit, the global and EMEA marketing director at Barry Callebaut. “This trend is spreading through Europe and the world.”​

The latest figures suggest that the plan to reduce dietary sugar is working well, as 49% of global consumers are now trying to limit their sugar intake, while 23% try and eat what is considered a moderate amount of sugar. There are also 14% of people who avoid it completely.

The range, which was presented at FiE Europe in Frankfurt, includes both milk and dark chocolate, that utilises a dietary fibre blend to replace part of the ingredient’s sugar content to the desired effect.

In addition, the firm are also offering white, milk and dark chocolate with malitol as a sugar replacer, or indeed as a combination with a fibre blend and stevia, where the final recipe has just 20% of polyols.

There is also a total sugar-free option available with the sweeteners malitol and stevia, which are used along with milk proteins in order to replace the lactose-containing milk powder.

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