Allen’s announces it will be bringing back the green frog


As of August 22nd, Australian sweet lovers were treated in emphatic fashion as Allen’s not only brought back their green frog, but have rolled out several other colour variations to join the frog family.

Two years ago, Allen’s confectionary phased out their green frogs despite the nation loving them, with Nestle disagreeing with that notion by claiming that people simply weren’t buying the product, so cut off production as a result.

However, it appears that a change of heart has been had, as the green frogs are back and are now joined by yellow frogs (pineapple) and orange (orange) as well as their raspberry and lime flavoured frogs.

It appears this change was prompted over the Christmas period, as Allen’s launched a pop-up bar which allowed shoppers to have the opportunity to stock up on whatever treat they so desired. As a result of success of the trial, the executives at Allen’s decided to reintroduce the green frog back to supermarket shelves in the form of a mixed bag, which will be called Frog Family.

These new bags will be available nationwide and will feature in stores such as IGA, Coles and selected independent supermarkets.

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